Message from the
Founder & CEO

Embarking on the journey of leading INVE Investments LLC has been extraordinary. Looking back at our eight remarkable years, I am grateful and proud. We have built more than just a successful business; we have cultivated a community committed to transforming the tourism and hospitality landscape. 

At INVE, we’re not just investors but pioneers, dream-weavers, and stewards of sustainable progress. We’re passionate about using our resources and expertise to make a tangible difference – not only in terms of robust returns but also in safeguarding our cultural heritage and protecting our planet. 

I am particularly proud of the team we’ve assembled – a group of tireless, dedicated individuals who share this vision and work relentlessly to make it a reality. This shared sense of purpose drives us forward and propels us to new heights of success.  

As our esteemed investors and partners, your trust is the foundation of our success. As we continue this exciting journey, we are confident that we will continue to break barriers, surpass expectations, and create a prosperous future for all of us. 

– Sabuj Ahmed

Founder & CEO


We’re bringing people together to end poverty for good.

There are many types of volunteering – you will probably find something suitable for your interests. For example, sports and event volunteering – they are especially relevant during international events like the Olympics, World Cup or Universiade.
If you know how to photograph, write texts, play a musical instrument or fold ships from paper, all this can also be useful.
Even the saddest, weary urban routine, a person begins to feel needed and in demand.
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We do it for all people.

Often people choose who they will help based on their personal experience. Do not be afraid to meet those who do not look like you at all:
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You can make a donation visiting our office. Use the address below to find our location and make sure our intentions are real.
348S, 11th St. Philly, NY 24107
Delivering help and hope through sponsorship.
Basic information needed to make a decision can be learned very quickly on the site or during a conversation.